AWS Posting

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a secure cloud computing platform that offers computer power, a database, networking, and document storage. A cloud service provider that provides a variety of computer services through the internet.

What’s the use of AWS?




-Easy to use


AWS in your business:

– AWS offers computer services that can help with the application development process from start to finish, including building, delivering, operating, and growing the application.

– You can store, access, control, and analyze data for database storage to assure cost savings, increased agility, and faster innovation.

– It is possible to improve and manage user data stored in a database using AWS.

– You can segregate your network cloud architecture or scale up based on demand by using networking services.

AWS enables you to host dynamic websites by hosting your web and application servers in the cloud. It backs up all of your data to the cloud, allowing you to access them anytime you want. Using Content Delivery Network, we can swiftly deliver static and dynamic content all over the world. You may store data in a managed database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, or SQL Server, and it can send bulk emails to your customers indefinitely.

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